At the heart of Hotel Black, pleasures abound. Our vibrant and energetic game room offers an unrivaled entertainment experience for thrill-seeking guests. Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation in our spa center, where you will be pampered with rejuvenating treatments. At the top of the hotel, our rooftop garden is dazzled by panoramic views of the city, creating the perfect setting for magical nights and unforgettable moments. Additionally, our gourmet restaurant delights the senses with exquisite culinary creations, fusing fresh flavors and innovative techniques. At the Black Hotel, every corner is designed to captivate the senses and offer a unique experience that will last in the memory of our guests.


Leisure amenities

Hotel Black, in addition to having unparalleled design, the amenities that Hotel Black has are unique in their style.


Spa Centert


Roof Garden


Consumption center


Game Room


Spa center
Book lending
Bike rental
Game room
Roof Garden
Gourmet restaurant
Memory foam mattress
High-pressure shower
50-inch screen

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